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By Charlie David Page
11th October 2015

It's tricky to pinpoint precisely where Majical Cloudz fits on the musical spectrum. Sitting somewhere between indie and electronica, yet with a distinctively passive sound, their precise position remains unpinnable, though their songs are distinctive and immediately identifiable. Their new album 'Are You Alone?' is no exception, painting a dreamy landscape with a razor-sharp accuracy.

The great beauty of Majical Cloudz's music comes from their poetic lyrics; they contain such detailed imagery that it's impossible not to be sucked into their relatable stories. Pair that with a sparse, often ethereal bed of sound and you have a good idea of what to expect. This is uniformly the formula used throughout 'Are You Alone?', with an overwhelming feeling you're drifting in a realm half between sleep and awake, as concepts of life and death are discussed.


These characteristics are highlighted with a handful of standout tracks. First and foremost is 'Silver Car Crash', a song so sombre yet so exquisite. The simplicity of the synth adorning the track puts an elevated focus on the lyrics, which are so beautifully crafted for such disconcerting content.

I never show it
But I am always laughing
I want to kiss you
Inside a car that’s crashing
And we will both die laughing
Cos there is nothing left to do
And we will both die laughing
While I am holding onto you

Title track 'Are You Alone?' is the pinnacle of vibrancy on this album - essentially this is the only track that comes close to having an elevated tempo. There's a meatier synth sound, with upbeat finger clicks to accompany. It's peculiarly light sound juxtaposes with the somewhat despondent lyrics.

'Are You Alone?' gives an overwhelming feeling you're drifting in a realm half between sleep and awake, as concepts of life and death are discussed.

Majical Cloudz's latest single 'Downtown' doesn't fail to disappoint either. Possibly the antithesis of 'Silver Car Crash', here singer-songwriter Devon Welsh revels in his adoration of the song's subject, and the simple act of spending time with them.

This album is a dark, intense dream. Majical Cloudz's meditative approach to songwriting won't be everyone's cup of tea, but it's hard to deny the power or the splendour of their music. Take a healthy dose of 'Are You Alone?' when you're in need of an emotional blanket in the toughest of times.

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BAND: Majical Cloudz
MEMBERS: Devon Walsh
Matthew Otto
FROM: Montreal, Canada
SOUND: Electronic/indie Pop
FACEBOOK: majicalcloudz
TWITTER: @majicalcloudz
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