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By Chris Dos Santos
26th October 2022

The feel-good movie - after 'Paddington' and its sequel 'Paddington 2', the resurgence to escape to a world of joy in cinema has returned. Just to indulge in a world encapsulated in absolute unapologetic fun is more and more needed. 'Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris' is your new comfort film.

Ada Harris (Lesley Manville, 'Phantom Thread', 'Let Him Go', 'Maleficent: Mistress of Evil') is a cleaning lady in 1950s London; along with her friend Violet (Ellen Thomas, 'Johnny English Reborn'), they clean houses for the wealthy around town. After hearing that her husband has passed away, Ada falls in love with a client's Dior dress and makes it her dream to head to Paris and get one for herself. She saves up for months and when she finally has enough aside, she is off to Paris - but when arriving to Dior, unexpected tension lingers as she isn't the usual clientele.


'Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris' is an absolute delightful film. It's so wholesome from start to finish and is just so joyful that you can't help but leave the cinema grinning. Lesley Manville oozes heart and you'll instantly fall in love with her. Harris is a simple character, but the unapologetic way she believes in her dream you can't help but get swept up in her travels.

The entire cast is throwing their all at this film, with not a single performance goes under the radar. The script is so witty and perfectly balances the heart and humour, making it a knock-out all round. Even things in other films, such as how easily some things come to Mrs. Harris, all work so well here because of how lovable this world is.

The script is so witty and perfectly balances the heart and humour, making it a knock-out all round.

'Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris' is worth the trip; it's truly peak feel-good cinema. For all those waiting for 'Paddington's' cinematic return, this will fill that hole in your heart and give you a whole new loveable character. No matter your age, it's sure to pull all those heartstrings and have you leave the cinema with a smile on your face.

RELEASE DATE: 27/10/2022
CAST: Lesley Manville
Isabelle Huppert
Lucas Bravo
Lambert Wilson
Alba Baptista
Anna Chancellor
Rose Williams
DIRECTOR: Anthony Fabian
WRITERS: Paul Gallico
Carroll Cartwright
Anthony Fabian
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