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By Charlie David Page
17th July 2012

Some bands struggle with their second album - but not Passion Pit. Following up from the success of 2009's 'Manners', the electropop quintet have come out with guns blazing with their latest offering, 'Gossamer'. It's safe to say these guys have not been lying dormant for the past three years.

Kicking things off an an extremely high note, 'Gossamer' starts out with the already successful single 'Take A Walk' (the video clip can be found on this page). The song is already doing huge things both here and overseas. Without a doubt, this track sets the tone for the rest of the album - the songs are upbeat, addictive, and incandescent.


Tracks like the hyperactive 'I'll Be Alright', the fun and dance-inducing 'Carried Away', the smooth, R&B-inspired, crowd-loving beats of 'Constant Conversation' and the mighty pop fixation 'Love Is Greed' all show off the real skill of Passion Pit - this assembly of 12 tracks come together as an album set to be one of the best of 2012.

There's a huge diversity to the sounds of 'Gossamer' - and that's largely thanks to singer and songwriter Michael Angelakos' musical talents and vocal diversity. This album sees him traverse genres with ease; you can't help but think a lot of enjoyment was had putting it together. There's also some smart lyrics, as songs hit upon the recession, mentions of alcohol and pills, and the meaning of love. Whatever your taste, you're likely to find at least one tune on this record you can't resist.

There's some smart lyrics.

Fans of the band will be counting down the days to this year's Parklife, with Passion Pit set to hit the festival's stage in most capital cities during September and October - with this new album sure to win over the crowd.

Like it? Follow it. Follow the Passion Pit Huddle at the top of this page (you'll have to sign in or join up first) for the latest tour details and news on the band.

ARTIST: Passion Pit
AKA: Michael Angelakos
SOUND: Electropop / Indie Pop
FACEBOOK: passionpitofficial
TWITTER: @passionpit
INSTAGRAM: @passion_pit
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