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By Charlie David Page
19th May 2015

Almost since the creation of film itself, the horror genre has been scaring the pants off movie-goers. From historic 'Das Cabinet Des Doktor Caligari' through to classic 'Evil Dead', audiences have subjected themselves to scares for decades. One film which has always stood out from the pack is Sam Raimi's 1982 'Poltergeist'. Now the horror film has been remade with a high-tech audience in mind - so can it live up to the horrific original?

Eric (Sam Rockwell) and Amy Bowen (Rosemarie DeWitt) have fallen upon tough times and are forced to move to a less-than-desirable neighbourhood. As soon as they shift into their new house, their younger children Griffin (Kyle Catlett) and Maddie (Kennedi Clements) start experiencing strange occurrences - from uncovering collections of creepy clowns to encountering immovable closet doors with hair-raising powers. When Maddie is taken captive by evil forces, a team of paranormal investigators seem to be the family's only chance to get her back.


The most vital thing to note is - 'Poltergeist' is genuinely scary. There's a healthy combination of jump-in-your-seat frights and palpable psychological tension. It doesn't take itself too seriously, however, with DeWitt and Rockwell providing lighter moments of humour that give the film some much-needed contrast.

There's no messing around as far as the story's concerned either - writer David Lindsay-Abaire has assembled a water-tight creation that comes in at just 93 minutes. That being said, there do appear to be a few plot points which were left on the cutting room floor; concepts established and never mentioned again.

'Poltergeist' is genuinely scary.

The special effects in this film are very good - for all of the supernatural goings-on, there's a real believability in the events taking place in front of your eyes. My only criticism visually would be that the baddies are revealed a little too blatantly, but then I've always been a fan of keeping the things that go bump in the night hidden well away.

'Poltergeist' is certainly a very adequate adaptation of the original film. While this isn't going to become a cult classic any time soon, If you're happy to endure an hour and a half of scares, this is guaranteed to make you jump.

RELEASE DATE: 21/05/2015
RUN TIME: 01h 33m
CAST: Sam Rockwell
Rosemarie Dewitt
Saxon Sharbino
Kyle Catlett
Jared Harris
Kennedi Clements
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