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By Jess Fenton
16th April 2012

They say that chocolate has the ability to make its consumer experience feelings of love. No truer words were spoken when it comes to the new French film ‘Romantics Anonymous’. In one of the cutest stories you will ever see, Angelique (Isabelle Carre) and Jean-Rene (Benoit Poelvoorde) have a lot more in common then they first think. While both work in the chocolate business - one an infamously reclusive maker, the other a manufacturer - they also both share certain social ineptitudes. Angelique attends EA (Emotional Anonymous) groups while Jean-Rene seeks private help by a doctor who gives him daily instructions to help him confront and combat his social inadequacies and anxieties. When Angelique comes to work for Jean-Rene through a case of miscommunication, Jean-Rene’s tasks and a shared passion for chocolate lead him straight to Angelique with comical and adorable results.


Carre and Poelvoorde are positively delightful with just the right amount of charm and chemistry. The script is witty and warm with no fear of offending anyone. While some may fault the whimsical ‘Romantics Anonymous’ for being too light and fluffy, no-one can hate the film for it.

This film is chocolate; sweet, smooth and easy to go down with a bitter and unexpected edge that tantalises your taste buds. Everyone loves chocolate.

RELEASE DATE: 19/04/2012
RUN TIME: 1h 20m
CAST: Isabelle Carré
Benoît Poelvoorde
Lorella Cravotta
Lise Lamétrie
Swann Arlaud
Pierre Niney
Jacques Boudet
Grégoire Ludig
Céline Duhamel
Philippe Fretun
DIRECTOR: Jean-Pierre Améris
WRITERS: Jean-Pierre Améris
Philippe Blasband
PRODUCERS: Nathalie Gastaldo
Philippe Godeau
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