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By Jess Fenton
24th January 2016

Sadly, for years the world has been captivated by real life news stories of dungeons, imprisoned women and sexual slavery. Every time such a case appears on our TV screens or in the newspapers, we rack our brains trying to understand the kind of person capable of such pure evil while we sympathise with the victims. In 2010, author Emma Donoghue release the novel 'Room', and for the first time put the audience in the shoes of a child born into such a world. Praised by critics and devoured by readers, the book has finally become a feature film - and is receiving just as many accolades on screen as it did on paper.


Jack (Jacob Trembly) is five-years-old who he lives in a room with Ma (Brie Larson). Everyday they wake up, have breakfast, do their exercises and go about their day within the confines of small room - which, in reality, is a backyard shed belonging to Old Nick (Sean Bridgers). Ma has been in room for seven years, ever since she was kidnapped at the age of 17. With Jack getting older, Ma’s desperation to escape is starting to increase. Surprisingly her biggest hurdle is breaking down the walls she has carefully and meticulously constructed these last five years, as she slowly convinces Jack of the existence of a world outside of the room, the only world he has ever known.

Director Lenny Abrahamson has masterfully placed his audience smack-bang in the middle of this claustrophobic world, yet making it seem infinite at the same time.

Not an easy subject to tackle, director Lenny Abrahamson ('Frank') has masterfully placed his audience smack-bang in the middle of this claustrophobic world, yet making it seem infinite at the same time. We are Jack. His wants and needs become ours. His pain and fear is now ours to share. And his devotion to his Ma is ours to feel.

Larson and Trembly, the two stars of this film are, in a word, extraordinary. There aren’t enough superlatives in this world to describe the pair’s chemistry and talent. And if you follow either on social media, or have watched them through this awards season, you’ll know it has extended well beyond the production shoot of the film. Abrahamson and his cast have found light, love and humanity in the film's inhumanity and journeyed somewhere many fear to tread.

‘Room’ is heart-warming and soul-stirring in the most beautiful and unexpected way.

RELEASE DATE: 28/01/2016
RUN TIME: 1h 57m
CAST: Brie Larson
William H. Macy
Jacob Tremblay
Joan Allen
DIRECTOR: Lenny Abrahamson
WRITER: Emma Donoghue
SCORE: Stephen Rennicks
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