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By Jess Fenton
14th October 2012

Imagine you've found a way to travel back in time. Where would you go? What would you change? And most importantly, who would you take with you? Such a journey requires a certain type of person. Someone unafraid to face certain death because where you're going - safety is not guaranteed.

This indie delight that charmed audiences as it closed this year's Sydney Film Festival is a rare gem that makes you giddy in anticipation to see it without knowing why. It completely enchants you while watching it. And it confounds you as you exit the cinema, knowing that you've just witnessed something beautiful, magical and truly special.


The film's perplexing concept aside, the heart and bones of this film are its rich relationships - getting them, finding them, maintaining them and discovering them, often in and under the most unlikely of places and circumstances. You fall in love with these characters and become so engrossed in their actions that the story and their goals becomes inconsequential - in a good way. Every emotional reaction garnered from this film is earned ten times over. Oozing with empathy, sincerity and pathos, it rarely misses a beat.

Oozing with empathy, sincerity and pathos, it rarely misses a beat.

This film never allows you to sit back and travel along the line of predictability. Every time you think you've figured out what's going on or what's about to happen, the game changes.

The cast of adorable misfits led by Aubrey Plaza ('Parks and Recreations') and independent film's Jack-of-all-trades Mark Duplass ('The Puffy Chair') are all so wonderfully engaging and lovable from the get go, you just want to take them all home. 'New Girl's' Jake Johnson also shines as only he can, as Jeff, the scratchy, misguided yet redeemable journalist who sets this wacky tale in motion.

This unexpected gem of a movie must not be missed. It's there for you to fall in love with, as so many have before you. So don't miss out - after all time travel isn't really possible... Or is it?

RELEASE DATE: 18/10/2012
RUN TIME: 01h 26m
CAST: Aubrey Plaza
Mark Duplass
Jake Johnson
Karan Soni
Jenica Bergere
Kristen Bell
Jeff Garlin
Mary Lynn Rajskub
William Hall Jr
Tony Doupe
DIRECTOR: Colin Trevorrow
WRITER: Derek Connolly
PRODUCERS: Marc Turtletaub
Peter Saraf
Stephanie Langhoff
Derek Connolly
Colin Trevorrow
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