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By Charlie David Page
24th October 2012

Sarah Blasko really can do no wrong. Every solo album of hers to date have been certified platinum by ARIA, she's won the accolade of Best Female Artist, and toured the world. Now, three years after 'As Day Follows Night', she offers her new album, 'I Awake'.

While this offering is still quintessential Sarah Blasko, there are a few more delicate touches than her previous albums, and it feels exceptionally personal; this could be put down to the fact that Blasko made the decision to produce the album herself. This album is also heavily immersed in orchestral arrangements - she recorded with the Bulgarian Symphony Orchestra, so this is album is vast and unrestrained, yet still beautiful and intimate.


Things begin on a vivacious note with the titular track. Powerful drums bring to life a tribal tune, Sarah's voice permeating and ascending with self-generated harmonies. 'I Awake' shows not only her strength, but a darker, more dangerous side to the artist. Followed up by the soulful 'An Arrow', Sarah sings, "I am just like an arrow, heading straight for a destiny, and no one and nothing can take that away from me."

The album is littered with addictive tracks that give life to the larger album. 'Bury This' has a very Middle Eastern flavour, offering a song with earthy themes, yet a sense of urgency. In contrast, 'Here' could easily be at home in a 'Singing In The Rain'-esque musical. The chorus of 'Fool' is a modern-day Motown ballad, with Sarah's voice giving the track its defining edge.

The album is littered with addictive tracks that give life to the larger album.

Closing the album, there's a new take on optimism with 'An Oyster, A Pearl'; Sarah's etherial vocals soar above a lone piano. Finally, 'Not Yet' creeps to a powerful crescendo, driven along by a assault of strings. It again shows off that darker, more forceful side of the singer.

Without a doubt, Sarah Blasko is a powerhouse of Australian music. 'I Awake' easily equals her previous work, yet Blasko brings an enticing raw energy to this new offering. It will be an absolute joy to once again see her tour the country, utilising Australia's best orchestras to bring this album to life for audiences.

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ARTIST: Sarah Blasko
BEGAN: 1995
FROM: Sydney
SOUND: Indie Pop
FACEBOOK: sarahblaskomusic
TWITTER: @sarahblasko
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