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By Charlie David Page
3rd November 2015

We humans have a fascination with the thought of virus-riddled creatures ripping out our brains and eating them. The idea of zombies has fascinated cinema-goers practically since the beginning of film. Now, 'Scouts Guide To The Zombie Apocalypse' has been unleashed upon us. How does it fit into the much-loved cinematic genre?

Ben, Carter and Augie are best friends. They also happen to be scouts, which clearly doesn't make them the most popular kids in the school. When the trio return from the wilderness to find the town deserted, they're rescued from the flesh-eating undead by stripper joint cocktail waitress Denise, and together they're forced to save the seniors stuck at a big party about to be descended upon by zombies.


For some reason unbeknownst to me and many others, this film was renamed from 'Scouts v Zombies' to the much catchier and more succinct 'Scouts Guide To The Zombie Apocalypse'. Sadly, if that were its biggest problem, it would have been tolerable. This film is very squarely aimed at 15-year-old boys, which means it's sexist, full of dick jokes, and filled with buckets of fake blood. Stylistically, the violence is over-the-top and fake, and the zombies seem to vary from the staggering, foot-dragging kind to the full-pelt Usain Bolt variety. Don't get me started on the love story tacked in there; I'm not sure if the moral is supposed to be you'll get the girl after she realises her boyfriend is an arsehole, or that the girl you call "the most awesome person I've ever met" actually isn't the one for you. But most importantly, the comedy is really lacklustre - granted, I did laugh, but nowhere near as much as I was expecting to.

This film is very squarely aimed at 15-year-old boys, which means it's sexist, full of dick jokes, and filled with buckets of fake blood.

Still, there are some redeeming factors. The three scouts all play their stereotype well - Logan Miller as the girl-obsessed Carter comes across adequately douchey, Joey Morgan gets a lot of the laughs as geeky, misunderstood Augie, and Tye Sheridan as Ben is both convincing as the group's leader and the film's star. Rounding out the pack is Sarah Dumont, whose kick-arse skills and stunning looks see her stealing many of the film's scenes.

I love a good zombie story as much as the next person. Just as much, I enjoy a zombie comedy - 'Shaun Of The Dead' and 'Zombieland' gave us the perfect combination of gore and giggles. 'Scouts Guide To The Zombie Apocalypse' does not. Its flimsy and convenient story, poor handling of humour and disrespect for women left me craving nothing but my last 90 minutes back.

RELEASE DATE: 05/11/2015
RUN TIME: 01h 33m
CAST: Tye Sheridan
Logan Miller
Joey Morgan
David Koechner
Sarah Dumont
Cloris Leachman
Halston Sage
Patrick Schwarzenegger
DIRECTOR: Christopher Landon
WRITERS: Emi Mochizuki
Carrie Evans
Christopher Landon
PRODUCERS: Bryan Bucks
Andy Fickman
Todd Garner
Betsy Sullenger
SCORE: Matthew Margeson
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