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By James Cerche
8th November 2015

The Tame Impala juggernaut rolled into Melbourne on the first leg of their ‘Currents’ tour last night to the Myer Music Bowl capacity of twelve thousand. “This is the biggest Tame Impala show there’s ever been!” Kevin Parker beamed to the ecstatic crowd. The band stunned with their gorgeous psychedelic dream pop and memorising visuals curated by regular accomplice Shiny Joe Ryan.

Sturdy support slots from fellow Western Australian jazz hip-hop crew Koi Child (a Kevin Parker produced debut LP is in the pipeline) and sleek LA outfit Mini Mansions eased us into the evening with some fresh faces and hot action. This tour will likely prove pivotal for Koi Child, and we are certain to be seeing and hearing more from them in the next twelve months. The Mini Mansions trio (featuring Mikey Shoes of QOTSA) emerged in an array of garish suits, carrying their California cool into falsetto and synth soaked sleaze rock. They managed to work up quite a frenzy over their short set time and gained enough momentum to turn more than a few heads.


The deafening bellow welcoming Tame Impala to the stage illustrates just how far these lads have come from playing at the Corner Hotel for less than $20 in 2008. The 2015 group incarnation of Parker’s act that emerged is sounding tighter and better than ever. Kicking off as usual with an instrumental jam before launching into ‘Currents’ opener ‘Let It Happen’, the new material instantly elevates an already formidable catalogue. Parker doesn’t take risks with the setlist tonight, airing regular staples ‘Mind Mischief' and ‘It’s Not Meant To Be’ before they get stuck into the singles front loading their latest release. ‘The Moment’ and live debut of ‘Yes I’m Changing’ sound as glorious and lush as they do in recorded format, while ‘The Less I Know The Better’ and ‘Eventually’ peak spectacularly. The crowd response to these and older favourites like ‘Elephant’ is positively overwhelming. Audience elation boomed through the Bowl and was likely audible for miles around.

The deafening bellow welcoming Tame Impala to the stage illustrates just how far these lads have come.

Tame Impala’s greatest strength lies in the inspired bass lines and drum parts, which are performed here with explosive energy by Cam Avery and Julien Barbagallo respectively. These instruments propel the songs forward through the haze of synthesisers and create the key points of interest in almost all the compositions. Capping off the night with the ‘Apocalypse Dream’ and enthusiastic sing-along of ‘Feel Like We Only Go Backwards’, Parker promises all twelve thousand of us that it won’t be so long between drinks this time.

BAND: Tame Impala
MEMBERS: Kevin Parker
Jay Watson
Dom Simper
Cam Avery
Julien Barbagallo
FORMED: 2007
FROM: Perth
SOUND: Psychedelic Pop
FACEBOOK: Tame Impala
TWITTER: @tameimpala
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