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By Jess Fenton
16th June 2013

The team behind ‘The Kids Are Alright’ are back - and this time, they’re tackling sex addition. While addiction is a pretty heavy subject, fear not, this one is a comedy... er, sort of. Much like its predecessor, ‘Thanks For Sharing’ lies in a very grey too-funny-to-be-a-drama/too-dramatic-to-be-a-comedy area.

Set in New York at a support group for sex addicts, the lives of four of its members are intertwined, observed and analysed over the film's 110 minutes. There’s Mike (Tim Robbins), the veteran addict and current über-sponsor who is the program's biggest advocate, while at home he struggles with a relationship with his fellow addict son and the wife who’s always stuck by him. Adam (Mark Ruffalo) has just celebrated five years sobriety, and as a result is finally encouraged to start dating again. In walks Phoebe (Gwyneth Paltrow), but their new relationship and intimacy is challenged by Adam’s revelation about his addiction and Phoebe’s own insecurities. Neil is the newbie to the program, a doctor with a predilection to pornography and rubbing up against women in the subway. Neil’s biggest issue is accepting his addiction in the first place. All of that changes when the group's only female member Dede (Pink) joins in, and the two become fast friends, leaning on each other in unexpected ways.

While investigating the light and dark sides of sex, drug and alcohol addiction, the subjects' heady nature takes a back seat to look at its more human side, while showing that it’s not always doom and gloom, as the group experience moments of genuine fun and happiness from time to time.

The entire cast is splendid, with Ruffalo in particular delivering one of his career best performances. The muddled tones throughout the film leave a mirky impression, with the story never quite finding where it wants to stand on these tricky issues. Nonetheless, it’s a fun, funny, quirky and empathic ride along the way.

RELEASE DATE: 03/10/2013
RUN TIME: 01h 52m
CAST: Gwyneth Paltrow
Mark Ruffalo
Joely Richardson
Tim Robbins
DIRECTOR: Stuart Blumberg
WRITERS: Stuart Blumberg
Lisa Cholodenko
Matt Winston
PRODUCERS: Miranda De Pencier
David Koplan
Bill Migliore
Leslie Urdang
Dean Vanech
SCORE: Christopher Lennertz
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