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By Jess Fenton
13th June 2012

After last year’s abomination and multi-Razzie award-winning ‘Jack and Jill’, Adam Sandler has returned with... a decent film. I’m as surprised as you are. What looks to be another waste of time from the Happy Madison clan is in fact a genuinely funny movie, ‘That’s My Boy’.

Our tale starts in 1984 when a 13-year-old Donny Burger (Sandler) has an affair with his hot maths teacher, Ms McGerricle (Eva Amurri). Their relationship makes national headlines, she goes to prison heavily pregnant and Donny becomes an 80s icon, featuring on magazine covers, talk shows and even getting his own telemovie. Fast forward to present day, and Donny is just a few days shy from going to prison himself for tax evasion unless he can come up with $43,000. As luck would have it, his now estranged but very well-off son (Andy Samberg), who has changed his name from Han Solo to Todd, is getting married and Donny uses this as an opportunity to “reconnect”.


Don’t be mistaken, this movie is by no means ‘Citizen Kane’. It’s definitely an Adam Sandler film filled with all the usual players and the obligatory cameos by his real life wife and children - but it does have laughs, real ones that you don’t have to feel guilty about later. However, to get to those laughs you have to suffer through Sandler’s most irritating Boston that neither eases up nor gets any more comfortable.

There are sold 80s references and jokes, most coming from Vanilla Ice (yes that Vanilla Ice, playing himself/Donny’s best friend). The movie also features some great cameos, and that signature Sandler humour his fans will be thrilled to see back again in fine form.

RELEASE DATE: 14/06/2012
RUN TIME: 01h 56m
CAST: Adam Sandler
Susan Sarandon
Eva Amurri Martino
Leighton Meester
Andy Samberg
Dan Patrick
James Caan
Vanilla Ice
Todd Bridges
Will Forte
DIRECTOR: Sean Anders
WRITER: David Caspe
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