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By James Cerche
27th April 2014

The Harlots have never sounded better. Closing out their Cherry residency in front of an ANZAC day eve capacity crowd, the band are energetic and diverse. Frontman Tom Pitts is in his usual spectacular form, having perfected his off-the-cuff banter and frenetic hop 'n' punch dancing. The rest of the band work hard at their tasks; Sam Lund finding time to air his signature chicken dance between guitar parts while Kate Monger leans into her organ from beneath a blonde mane. Sharply dressed and sharply focused, the six-piece always know how to deliver a show.


Since 2010, The Harlots have cut their blues rock teeth in venues around Melbourne to slowly mounting recognition. Easily danceable, they trade in the kind of songs that people walking in off the street won’t be able to help getting into. Simple, efficient, deadly. What makes this show so special is that it comes off as an exciting indication of what the band have up their sleeves. You get the sense that they’re getting ready to hit their full stride, and this is the run up.

The band is growing and the sound is spreading. Tearing through crowd favourites 'Lady Maria’ and ‘What I Know’, they quickly earn the room’s attention, confidently issuing the live set staples before moving into other territories. New hook-laden single 'Somewhere To Go' sports instantly memorable “ooooo’s” and some slower numbers add a freshness and variety to the usual Harlots hoedown. ‘The Patient’ and ‘Chopin’ are moody, grinding builders that demonstrate the band's ability to exercise restraint, keeping a lid on the pot until boiling over is the only possible option.

The Harlots have never sounded better.

Allowing themselves extra gears to shift into has only accentuated the band’s existing strengths, and they flex their muscles with set centrepiece ‘Mother Tongue’ to bring down their crash-boom-bang hooks on a furiously dancing crowd. Finishing up as usual with the infectious organ line and vocal refrain of ‘Got No Soul’, The Harlots complete their statement of intent. Now entering into a short hiatus, one can only wait with anticipation to see the kind of hand they might play when they make their return.

Catch them at the Cherry Rock Festival late May.

BAND: The Harlots
MEMBERS: Tom Pitts
Sam Lund
Kate Monger
Julian T. Spiller
Nick Tresco
David Loney
FORMED: 2010
FROM: Melbourne
FACEBOOK: theharlotsband
TWITTER: @theharlots
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