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By Jess Fenton
17th July 2014

It may have only lasted three seasons, but ‘The Inbetweeners’ fans didn’t get much time to mourn their favourite series with the creators following up with two feature films in four years. The first time around, they took a “mental holiday” post-graduation to Malia and all, surprisingly, walked away with girlfriends. Round two sees Will, Simon and Neil travel half-way around to world to join Jay on his gap year in Australia.

Back home, the boys are flailing. Will hasn’t made any friends at university, and is miserable as a result. Simon’s girlfriend Lucy has turned psycho, cutting up his hoodies, microwaving his game console, and begging him not to cheat on her. In the meantime, Jay is having the time of his life in Australia... or is he? Running into old school friend Katie in a Sydney pub, Will decides the lads are going to go travelling (see: stalk Katie) sending them on a road trip to Byron Bay, water parks and the outback in true 'Inbetweeners' style.


Basically, ‘The Inbetweeners 2’ is more of the same - the boys may not have grown up, but the audience has and this level of stupidity has sadly started to wear thin. Not that they had such a reputation for it to begin with, but some redemption was made during the first film in terms of women. While still seen as the object of much unwanted and perverse desire, all four characters walked away with respectable relationships to decent women. Now in the sequel, two of them are never to be seen or heard of again, one has gone full-on “bunny boiler”, and all the newbies are nothing more than drunken bimbos and pretentious serial cock-teasers. A favourable eye isn’t cast on Australians either, not that we have much of a presence in the film - our spectacular scenery is mostly filled with idiot backpackers. To be fair, thats not far off the real-life mark.

Basically, ‘The Inbetweeners 2’ is more of the same.

Creators Iain Morris and Damon Beesley have decided to sit in the director's chair, taking control of their own words. Each gross-out, sick, misogynist, horrifyingly embarrassing scene or moment that lands the mark is preceded with dozens of jokes that don’t. The main cast do what they do best, as do Morris and Beesley - it’s just that the joke has definitely run its course. Fans will find this a fitting end to the Rudge Park chronicles, and it may even get a few newcomers on board, but it won’t leave the lasting cult impact the series or first film made.

RELEASE DATE: 21/08/2014
RUN TIME: 1h 36m
CAST: James Buckley
Simon Bird
Blake Harrison
Joe Thomas
Damon Beesley
PRODUCER: Spencer Millman
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