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By Jess Fenton
9th June 2013

The comedic partnership of Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson is a successful one, but let's face it - they’re a one-trick pony. That one trick has earned them millions of dollars personally and at the box-office, as well as a legion of fans, imitators and the cheque-writing moniker of “box-office draw”. This is why their new venture ‘The Internship’ will be a success. But is it worthy of that accomplishment? Let’s call ‘The Internship’ what it really is - ‘Google Crashers’.

Billy (Vaughn) and Nick (Wilson) are master salesman, a dying artform, along with the company they work for. Desperate for work and eager to prove themselves as anything but nobodies and losers, Billy signs the pair up for internships at Google with the hopes that their time there will result in full-time jobs. After passing (barely) their interview via Skype, they’re inducted into the program as not only the underdogs with at least 20 years on every other contender, but with a severe lack of technical and computer knowledge, making them fish so far out of water they’re practically in the desert. When broken up into groups, Billy and Nick find themselves partnered with the “leftovers”, an oddball mix of fellow interns with a diverse range of social issues. The group is led by Lyle, the youngest team leader at Google. Set up for failure, and yet failure is not an option for this group, so the freak flags and gags are hoisted and set flying as they vie for the coveted jobs at Google.


Essentially this is a 119-minute ad for Google, showcasing its amazing and employee-friendly facilities, as well as its laid-back yet highly professional attitude and conduct. Billy and Nick’s tale of oldies who just aren’t in the whole social networking, tech-savvy, computing realm is not new - in fact, it’s about five years too late; this topic has been addressed in past movies and TV shows.

The onscreen chemistry between our leading men is magnetic, rare and fun to watch, while at the same time we saw it all seven years ago. Unfortunately, lightning has not stuck twice here for the boys. ‘The Internship’ is a pleasantly amusing ride, but is severely lacking in the LOL department. A fun cast including Rose Byrne, Max Minghella and Aasif Mandvi provide some nice turns and differing comedic levels, but this just isn’t ‘Wedding Crashers’, despite its best efforts.

RELEASE DATE: 13/06/2013
RUN TIME: 1h 59m
CAST: Vince Vaughn
Owen Wilson
Rose Byrne
Will Ferrell
John Goodman
DIRECTOR: Shawn Levy
WRITER: Vince Vaughn
PRODUCER: Vince Vaughn
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