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By Charlie David Page
29th July 2013

I've been excited about The Trouble With Templeton since I discovered the band a few years ago - an Aussie artist whose songs and lyrics are both addictive and emotive. What was originally artist Thomas Calder has grown into a fully-fledged band, headlined tours, travelled the world - and now prepares to release the follow-up album, 'Rookie'.

I was initially mesmerised by the song 'Someday Soon'. This will always be the yardstick by which I measure The Trouble With Templeton; its simple but brutal acoustic guitar and Tom's heart-wrenching vocals affect me every time I hear it, even to this day.

The first thing to say about 'Rookie' is this: the music has changed. Taking the recording process out of Tom's bedroom and bringing bandmates into the picture makes this album much fuller. That is to say, there is no 'Someday Soon' on this album; that's not necessarily a criticism, just a comment on the evolution of their sound.


While Tom is still the driving force of the band, and his unique and multifaceted vocals still reign supreme, he's made way for the other band members. Evolving from a largely acoustic performance, 'Rookie' presents The Trouble With Templeton as a rockier entity; drums are heavier, keys are more prominent, backing vocals are littered throughout.

This album has been a carefully planned affair. We've been hearing tracks from 'Rookie' since August last year, with the release of the excellent 'Six Months in a Cast', the first taste of what The Trouble With Templeton would offer as a band. Despite the number of singles we've been privy to in that time, the album doesn't feel overly familiar; there's still a great deal of fresh material which compliments the existing singles nicely.

The latest single, 'You Are New', has become an easy favourite. This one's a slow builder, with an old Trouble With Templeton sound, layered with Betty Yeowart's gorgeous backing vocals. 'Whimpering Child' is also a great addition as the album starter; as one of the more mellow tunes on the album, it's just one of the many explorations of youth and growing up featured on 'Rookie'.

While Tom's unique and multifaceted vocals still reign supreme, he's made way for the other band members.

There's a few obtuse tracks throughout the album too - the brief 'Climate' is a catastrophic track with an underlying environmental message, and even the single 'Like A Kid' is twisted and a little psychotic. Despite these oddities, nothing feels out of place here.

The evolution of The Trouble With Templeton shows the transition from one extremely talent musician to a fully-fledged entity. The music has only benefited from its quintupling, providing nuances previously left unexplored - it's the same poetry with a bigger sound. Without a doubt, this is one artist to keep an eye on - and an ear out for.

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BAND: The Trouble With Templeton
MEMBERS: Thomas Calder - Vocals/guitar
Betty Yeowart - Keyboard
Richie Daniell - Drums
Sam Pankhurst - Bass
Hugh Middleton - Guitar
FORMED: 2011
FROM: Brisbane
SOUND: Indie/folk
FACEBOOK: TheTroubleWithTempleton
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