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By James Cerche
27th October 2013

Twin Beasts are a local five-piece who write epic western-influenced ballads in the vein of Ennio Morricone by way of Tom Waits and Bob Dylan, with a huge dose of singalong ammunition packed in for good measure. Appearing formerly as The Toot Toot Toots (the name change designed to allow international access by avoiding potentially awkward slang) and playing acclaimed sets at Meredith and in venues all around our fair country, the band launched the lead single from their upcoming new record at the Northcote Social on a chilly Saturday night to a friendly hometown crowd.

The Beasts band already enjoy considerable cult status and following thanks to their unique sonic spectrums, rampant affability and an eccentric engaging way about the stage. Their songs are big and they frequently come across like stories in some sort of grotesque opera (their debut record 'Outlaws' is a concept album dealing in bloody revenge) and dual singers, Danny Eucalyptus and Giuliano Ferla, deliver their roles with relish - the former favouring a distinctive throaty growl that works to define the band as one of their signature textures, alongside gutsy brass and Morricone-esque lead guitar work anchored down with a stomping rhythm section.


The setlist dipped evenly into old and new, also sporting a furious rendition of Dolly Parton's 'Jolene'. Opening with the huge fanfare of 'Outlaws' cut, 'Let Lead Rip', the swaggering trombones and soaring trumpet set the scene for a night of impassioned storytelling at the hands of various depraved characters and vengeful cowboys. As strange as this all sounds for a Saturday night gig in Northcote, the whole affair is emphatically and instantly danceable. Previous single 'Fool's Gold' is all hand claps and Ferla's backing falsetto, while Eucalyptus grumbles and howls his way through the track. They drop the new single about midway in the set to a strong response. 'Badlove' boasts buzzing guitar and a catchy hook, capped off with some neat cowbell work. It's killer track and bound to make some radio-waves and garner the record some well deserved attention.

Their songs are big and they frequently come across like stories in some sort of grotesque opera.

“What a lovely, lovely crowd you are,” beamed Ferla, a man who refuses to be caught without a smile on his face and a twinkle in his eye; “thank you.” Twin Beasts delivered a roaring and pleasurable set that was positively haemorrhaging good spirit. This is a band that can always be counting on to serve up a sensational and slightly left of centre, but no less essential, experience to anyone who will listen.

The single 'Badlove' is out now and their new LP of the same name is due for release in February next year. Ye' be warned.

BAND: Twin Beasts
MEMBERS: Bez Berry
Stevie Gavan
Dyfan Thomas
Giuliano Ferla
Danny Eucalyptus
FORMED: 2009
FROM: Melbourne
SOUND: Alternative / Country
TWITTER: @TwinBeasts
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