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By Charlie David Page
21st September 2012

Sydney band Winter People strive for nothing more than to achieve something unique. I mean, it's not often you find a band with six members, five being vocalists and two violinists. Their first album, 'A Year At Sea', captures this attitude and delivers smart and emotion-dredging songs with a darkened, troubled nature.

While all of the tracks are complimentary, there are a few clear standouts. 'Wishingbone' is a truly folk-inspired tune with gorgeous swells of vocals. The catchy lyrics of 'Top Of The World' are matched with peaks and lulls of musical ferocity, and 'Gallons', the band's signature tune (the video for which can be found below), presents us with a darkened world with rambunctious drums and saddened violins, which brings home the album.


Lead singer, Dylan Baskind, navigates a musical minefield, and acts as the initial layer as the rest of the band create an inundation of harmonies behind him. This album contains ample texture; each track contains layerings of musical instruments and sounds on a technically ambitious production.

Overall, 'A Year At Sea' holds a few dark themes and navigates a few treacherous territories. With a folk sound mingled with elements of pop and rock, there are no rules as to what you might find; one of the greatest qualities of this album lies in its diversity.

'A Year At Sea' delivers smart and emotion-dredging songs with a darkened, troubled nature.

Winter People are sure to make a bit of a splash with their debut album, 'A Year At Sea'. As first offerings go, it's hard to fault this one; it's vibrant and potent, with a soul-searching quality to it. With an already exceptional report card as far as live shows are concerned, Winter People are sure to offer a dynamic performance with their upcoming national album tour.

Like it? Follow it. Follow Winter People's Huddle at the top of this page (you'll have to sign in or join up first) for the latest tour details and news on the band.

BAND: Winter People
MEMBERS: Dylan Baskind - Vocals
Justin Zeltzer - Guitar
Alex Coroneo - Violin
Daniel Ferguson - Bass
Jane Andrews - Vocals/violin
Alex Robinson - Drums
FROM: Sydney
SOUND: Indie Rock
FACEBOOK: winterpeople
TWITTER: @winter_people
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