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By Jess Fenton
10th February 2016

15 years ago, ‘Zoolander’ was robbed at the Oscars! Not only did it lose Best Picture to ‘A Beautiful Mind’, but Ben Stiller lost Best Actor to Denzel Washington. What! It was an outrage. ...No. Wait. I’m thinking of a different movie. My bad. ‘Zoolander’ is one of the dumbest movies ever - but that’s why we love it, right? It features male models having a petrol fight, a character that can’t tell the different between an architectural model and an actual building, and a man who keeps his hand in a hyperbaric chamber. Tip of the idiotic iceberg. Now, a decade and a half on, we have a male model being present in the Garden of Eden, a prison solely for crimes against fashion, and an orgy featuring Kiefer Sutherland. And the laughs rage on.


A lot can happen in 15 years, but for Derek Zoolander we only really need to know the events of 24 hours after we last left him. It turns out his school was poorly constructed. It collapsed, killing his wife Matilda and horribly disfiguring his best friend Hansel. Derek’s son was taken away from him, and he became self-exiled to Northern New Jersey. Lured back to the fashion world by Billy Zane and a mysterious invitation, it turns out fashion isn't the only thing seeking Derek Zoolander when the world's greatest pop stars start dying.

Fans rejoice: ‘Zoolander 2’ is just as stupid, if not stupider (stupider?) than its predecessor. There’s even an Orange Mocha Frappuccino for the new year. Everyone’s back - everyone who survived, that is - as well as a slew on new celebrity cameos. Like, a lot of celebrity cameos. A whole lot more. It’s almost as though they made the film just for the cameos. I won’t spoil them for you, but they’re all golden.

‘Zoolander 2’ is just as stupid, if not stupider than its predecessor.

This time around, is pretty same same but different. If you’ve seen the first film you know exactly what you’re in for here. If you haven’t seen the first film - tell me, how was life living under that rock? Good? Everything you hoped it would be? This is not a movie for great thinkers or anyone genuinely looking for an Oscar contender. So check your brain at the door, sit back and give in to the hilarious stupidity and the really really ridiculously good-looking people.

RELEASE DATE: 11/02/2016
RUN TIME: 1h 42m
CAST: Ben Stiller
Owen Wilson
Will Ferrell
Olivia Munn
Christine Taylor
Kristen Wiig
Penélope Cruz
DIRECTOR: Ben Stiller
WRITER: Justin Theroux
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