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By Charlie David Page
16th February 2014

This year proves to be a tricky year when it comes to picking the Oscar winners. Many of the categories seem to be a close race, with a selection of strong films to choose from - which makes it all the more interesting to try to pick the winners.

Make your choices for the winners of the 2013 Academy Awards for your chance to win a swag of prizes.

To add an extra degree of competition, get your friends to vote as well. We'll reveal the person (or people) with the best guesses once the Oscar winners are unveiled! We'll also have prizes on offer for anyone who defeats the SWITCH brains trust.

And the Oscar goes to...
The results are in - and here's the verdict from SWITCH's contributors...

Daniel12 correct
Jess7 correct
James5 correct
Brent5 correct
Charlie3 correct

That's right - Daniel managed a perfect score, predicting every winner correctly!

And what about the SWITCH members? Well, a lot of people came close, but there was only one who matched Daniel's perfect score... that's Andrew McCarthy from Melbourne! Well done, Andrew - we'll be sending a prize pack your way shortly.

To relive all of the action from this year's Oscars, click here to see Jess' live blog.

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