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By Charlie David Page
30th April 2017

Back in 2015 when San Cisco released their sophomore album 'Gracetown' and it shot to #2 on the ARIA charts, the band moved from indie darlings to serious contenders on the Australian music scene. Two years later, they're back with album number three, 'The Water' - sounding altogether more sophisticated, consonant and mature.

Speaking to SWITCH on a short break between tour rehearsals, San Cisco guitarist Josh Biondillo explains why 'The Water' comes across with such cohesiveness. "We organised five, ten day stints in the studio. It mostly came together in the studio and I think that's the reason that the sound is a bit more similar between songs - there's a lot more ties between them, similarities. It was a good energy... it's kind of the same energy that we've had since the beginning, this songwriting/recording team that's developed a good synergy and a good working relationship. We've learned each others' strengths."


With the album's imminent release - this Friday - Josh and the band are looking forward to having fans hear it in its entirety. "I'm excited to get it out. It feels like it's been a pretty long time coming, but it's been pushed to the back of my mind because I've been working on this live stuff and trying to figure out how to translate the whole thing to the stage. In the studio we do things one at a time, but onstage we've only got eight sets of hands and we have to figure out how to have most of the picture there on the stage."

The tour which seems to consume Josh's thoughts is no small feat - it amounts to 21 shows across the expanse of Australia in just 46 days. It's a thorough endeavour through the country's cities and country towns, with a under 18 shows for their younger fans. "Yeah it's definitely a big one," Josh ruminates. "I think it will be a good reintroduction to the fans and the crowd. The whole thing, I think, for me, is a lot more mature. Even though we're still doing the silly stuff that we've always done, but hopefully in the tour [you'll see our] maturity as songwriters and performers."

It's kind of the same energy that we've had since the beginning. We've learned each others' strengths.

San Cisco have also been announced to play at Splendour In The Grass, in what has to be one of the biggest years for Aussie acts for the festival. "Splendour's always a great one for us to play," Josh explains. "We always have a ball and it feels like the right crowd for us to be playing to."

Between Splendour and their headlining tour may be a clue to San Cisco's success - the hard work they put into touring. In the past five years, they've played over 100 shows in Australia, let alone abroad, giving fans the chance to get face-to-face with the band. "it's certainly like an integral part to what we do and how we how we operate," says Josh. "I think what connects with people is us in a live arena, a live situation. That's what people love to see about us."

With so much time spent on the road, how does the band cope with spending so much time together at close quarters? "We still get along very well. Everyone's on good terms in a big way. We still are very good friends."

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BAND: San Cisco
MEMBERS: Jordi Davieson
Scarlett Stevens
Josh Biondillo
Nick Gardner
FORMED: 2009
FROM: Fremantle, Wa
SOUND: Indie Pop
FACEBOOK: sanciscomusic
TWITTER: @SanCiscoMusic
INSTAGRAM: @sanciscodisco
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