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By Brent Davidson
9th February 2014

“Hey, what are we seeing tonight?” she asked. “Are We Officially Dating?” he replied. “Whoa – I thought we were just going to the movies!” she exclaimed. This conversation will no doubt be spreading across the country and forcing lots of rapidly advancing relationships in the weeks to come. ‘Are We Officially Dating?’ changed its name from the American release ‘That Awkward Moment,’ and is now causing many such moments in its wake.

Three friends, Mikey (Michael B. Jordan), Daniel (Miles Teller) and Justin (Zac Efron), make a pledge – stay single together and party as hard as possible. The agreement is made after Mikey’s marriage dissolves. Classic disaster strikes when (almost in the very next scene) they are almost all swept up in relationships.


Singles out there take note – if you want to start a relationship all you need to do is make a pledge with your friends to stay single – yes, it’s that easy! Or so Hollywood would lead us all to believe. This film is enjoyably formulaic, with schmaltzy lines and corny jokes coming thick and fast but ultimately fall flat.

Zac Efron is the driving force behind this film, and being the drawcard and a producer, it's no wonder. The cheesiness of the lines he delivers are definitely going to be overlooked by the majority of moviegoers, who will be distracted by his face on screen.

Zac Efron is the driving force behind this film.

It's the incredibly glossy veneer that gives the film a somewhat unrealistic idea of everything the characters go through. The shiny, pretty images are what counter any depth the film might have. It's comfortable ground for all; no one is stretched acting-wise and the audience isn’t stretched by the story. It’s almost a watered down ‘Sex in the City’ with guys.

‘Are We Officially Dating?’ is a romantic comedy that the guys wont feel too out of place being dragged along to and that girls will definitely want to see (mainly for Efron). With a pre-Valentine's release, the studios aren’t stupid - this is a classic romantic comedy that first dates and couples will be holding hands and cuddling throughout. If anyone needs me, I’ll be making pledges with anyone I can find.

RELEASE DATE: 13/02/2014
RUN TIME: 1h 34m
CAST: Zac Efron
Imogen Poots
Miles Teller
Michael B. Jordan
Mackenzie Davis
Jessica Lucas
PRODUCERS: Justin Nappi
Andrew O'Connor
Scott Aversano
Kevin Turen
SCORE: David Torn
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