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By Brent Davidson
24th May 2015

So. Here we all are. Ready to face our most daunting Eurovision moment yet. Tonight is the night where we don’t want tomorrow we just want to do tonight again. That’s right - it's time for Australia to perform and compete in the Eurovision Song Contest for the first time ever! Cue the pyrotechnics – cue the glitter drop – cue the tears.

First thing is first. What a moment to be a part of. I’ve been dreaming of this since I was a 13-year-old who accidentally stumbled upon Eurovision one Saturday night on SBS looking for something a little more racy and finding something I’d never fall out of love with. Here I am. 13 years later, and standing in my first ever Eurovision Final, brimming with unfound patriotism as tonight is the first time my country is ever allowed to perform. Boy, have I waited for this.

Tonight really showed that we as a planet really could build bridges and that regardless of where we were from, the Eurovision Song Contest could bring us all together. This was no truer for Russia; while their politics may be dicey, their performance was immaculate and (although there were boos) in the audience, everyone was singing out with a million voices!

I have already spoken about Belgium, Latvia and Israel – there is no doubt they all performed with a wonderful intensity that couldn’t be matched. But, as it so happened, there was only one country who could win. Although in my last article spoke about their almost complete copy of the Melodifestival Performance, it was a Swedish victory for the day. Being from Australia, it's hard to be upset with this verdict – they gave us our first ever Twelve Points and we couldn’t be happier.

As it has been said, this was Australia’s first ever Eurovision Song Contest competitive performance. If the mood in the stadium was anything to go by we had it in the bag. But Eurovision is a little more political than that. That's okay though, we placed in the top five, something rarely done in a country that is in their first competition. How welcomed were we?! I honestly have never felt such a sense of patriotism, a sense that yes I am very happy and proud to be Australian. But tonight, that feeling washed over and over me - actually not just tonight, but all week. It's true, this reporter did scream himself hoarse when he heard his first “12 points – Australia”, but it was completely justified. The same way people feel passionately about sport, I feel about Eurovision and now I totally get it.

The welcome feeling I felt all week from other delegations was not to be ignored either. Every time someone saw I was from Australia I would be greeted with a warm hug, an exclamation of how far I’d come and a complete welcome and acceptance of the quality of “My” song. Never was it "Your country’s song," it was mine and I felt a pride of ownership. The most overwhelming of non-competition times was when I was dragged in to a circle of Portuguese delegates as they chanted “Australia” around me – that’s how excited they were.

As Eurovision is over for the year all I can say is, tonight was so good, forget tomorrow let me do tonight again – and I’ll see you in Sweden!

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