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By Charlie David Page
17th October 2015

I first stumbled across Jesse Davidson whilst listening to the latest Japanese Wallpaper EP. From then on, it was almost impossible to ignore him - this talented musician is popping up all over the place right now, and with a very distinctive voice, he's easy to pinpoint. Davidson is set to release his new EP 'Lizard Boy' - and while it may be a brief affair, it certainly makes up for that fact with its well-crafted tunes.

If these songs sound familiar to you - well, besides their reassuring familiarity, they very well might be. Davidson has been road-testing these tunes for a while now, and they've gotten a decent amount of traction. Take opening track 'Laika' - it's been floating around online and over airwaves since February. While the gently gliding synths and up-front drums are catchy enough, what really sets this track - and all others on the EP - apart are Davidson's vocals. Like a hot chocolate on a cold winter's night, his voice is smooth and soothing, easy to take in and yet unforgettable.


'Darling' takes a higher-tempo route, embellished with some subtle yet satisfying electric guitar. On the other end of the spectrum, 'Morning Light' is much more sparse, featuring almost nothing more than quiet acoustic guitar strumming. Latest single 'Lagoon' is the standout track, bold while still retaining the notable chilled-out vibe, with a killer chorus sure to rattle around in your head for days.

If this EP is anything to go by, Jesse Davidson is an Aussie artist to keep your eyes on. 'Lizard Boy' is oozing with talent with its cruisy tunes and polished sounds. Davidson's musical stylings are a blend of classic and modern, teamed together to in five very efficient tracks. He's certainly piqued my interest.

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ARTIST: Jesse Davidson
FROM: Adelaide
SOUND: Indie
FACEBOOK: Jesse.Davidson.Music
TWITTER: @jessegravyson
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