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By Brent Davidson
10th January 2014

Coming off the back of their service at Falls Festival, UK band London Grammar played a one-off Sydney sideshow. With the Metro Theatre bursting at the seams, it appears Australians have completely embraced this charming trio.

I was as surprised as most when lead singer, Hannah Reid, announced that this was the group’s first ever sideshow. Almost so effortlessly did she sing that, at times, you were left to wonder if she was asked to tone it down for their debut album ‘If You Wait’. Her fellow band members Dan Rothman (guitar) and Dot Major (keys and percussion) performed in the same effortless way – giving the band a comfort that seemed beyond their years.


While the set was short, they covered all their bases for the fans – beginning with their first hit ‘Hey Now’ and ending with an encore of their latest single ‘Strong’, and time was almost suspended – especially during their brilliant cover of Kandinsky’s ‘Nightcall’ from the film ‘Drive.’ Listening to the album, one might question how effectively their ethereal electronica might translate into a live concert setting – I certainly did. Hannah’s powerful and haunting voice, along with the perfect selection of songs and a few quickened tempos made the translation all too easy.

London Grammar is a band that is definitely on the up and up. It wouldn’t surprise me to see them become even bigger in the coming years. Humble, young and talented, the sky is the limit for these UK sensations. With a promise of returning, you'd better get your tickets fast next time – they are an act not to be missed.

BAND: London Grammar
MEMBERS: Hannah Reid
Dot Major
Dan Rothman
FORMED: 2012
FROM: Nottingham, Uk
FACEBOOK: londongrammar
TWITTER: @londongrammar
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