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By Brent Davidson
30th November 2014

A few years ago, I was lucky enough to see the Bridge Project’s ‘Richard III’ in Sydney (twice). This was Shakespeare like I had never seen it before. Not only was it due to the star power, with Kevin Spacey playing Richard, but the sheer scale and impact of the direction of Sam Mendes. But this isn’t a review of the show - that would take pages!

The cast and creative were followed for the duration of this project, filmed and interviewed in every location they visited (and there were a lot of locations). These interviews, with footage of rehearsals, the show itself and backstage antics not only reminded me of the power of this production, but also of the power of theatre itself.


The Bridge Project was a collaboration with equal parts American and English contributions. Both sides of this team approached the project in so many different ways and, along with Spacey’s approach, provide a fascinating insight into the creation and process that was undertaken for this production. This is definitely one for the theatre buffs, or for anyone who wants to see how masters work.

The scale of the tour of ‘Richard’ is immense, with the cast performing over 200 performances over 3 continents. But this touring life can take its toll on a cast (especially one so large), and we get a stunning and rare glimpse into the stresses that are involved. But it is definitely not all stress, we get to witness the cast have amazing cultural experiences and fun that they can have, their talents beyond acting (with a special highlight of a piano playing cast member) and the bond that all involved share. We are also able to glimpse just how charismatic Spacey can be, even when not performing.

We get a stunning and rare glimpse into the stresses that are involved.

If nothing else, this documentary will fill you with the desire to go to the theatre. If you were lucky like me to see this production, you will develop an even more profound respect for it and wish you could see it again. It's a must for anyone with even an inkling of interest in working in theatre, in any aspect. The transcendental power of theatre wins the day and will restore any faith you may have lost from recent bad theatre experiences. Documentary and theatre combined are a winning combination and will leave you inspired and awestruck, just as I was.

RELEASE DATE: 04/12/2014
RUN TIME: 1h 37m
CAST: Kevin Spacey
Sam Mendes
DIRECTOR: Jeremy Whelehan
PRODUCER: Jeremy Whelehan
SCORE: David M. Saunders
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