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By Brent Davidson
17th May 2015

It's not very often we get a film that can almost redefine a genre. Too long have parody films fallen far below what could be considered worth our time. Nothing beyond a few gags and some cringeworthy moments is ever really offered. But that is all about to change: get ready to 'Spy'.

Following the movements of Susan Cooper (Melissa McCarthy) a desk-bound agent for the CIA as she is thrust into the world of an on the field Spy. Her physique and general attitude are perfect for thwarting the sale of a Nuclear bomb, not to mention perfect for an entirely comedic entry into such a world.

Melissa McCarthy is wonderful in this film. It is up there with St. Vincent as one of her best. It's without a doubt one of the most perfectly cast comedies in recent years. Rose Byrne is almost too wonderful as the villain and Miranda Hart is at her goofy best. The cast just works. They make the work of Paul Feig - both his writing and his directing - simply shine.


This is the crown jewel of Feig’s recent works and it feels like he has been building up to the best. With perfect amounts of actual action, not just schmaltzy slapstick humour, ‘Spy’ stands out as an actually engaging film in the genre. With the added comedy, it was really hard to fault this movie. It is almost not even a parody, but a loving idea of how these movies should be; taking themselves less seriously could be extremely funny.

This is one not to be missed a genuinely thrilling spy movie with comedy to boot. You can’t go past ‘Spy’ for its charm, hilarity and perfect ensemble cast.

RELEASE DATE: 21/05/2015
RUN TIME: 01h 59m
CAST: Melissa McCarthy
Jude Law
Jason Statham
Rose Byrne
Miranda Hart
Bobby Cannavale
Allison Janney
Peter Serafinowicz
Morena Baccarin
Raad Rawi
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