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By Brent Davidson
1st March 2015

If you’re like me, it probably wasn’t until your late teens that you sat through the entire 'Sound of Music'. Unlike me, you probably weren’t surrounded by roughly 2000 people in costume and singing along. Seeing and being surrounded by the passion people have for this film was infectious to say the least.

'The Sound of Music' follows the story of wayward nun Maria (Julie Andrews) as she takes a sabbatical from the convent to become governess for Captain Von Trapp (Christopher Plumber) and his seven children. Learning to control the bunch teaches her more about herself than she ever thought possible.

People go crazy for this musical, and its no wonder why. The classic (true) story has a few of everyone’s favorite things (couldn’t help myself): comedy, romance, drama, an escape from the Nazis and the adorability of children - throw in a slue of songs everyone knows and you’ve got yourself a classic for all ages. Truly proving that Julie Andrews was the girl for your musical, ‘The Sound of Music’ took the success she built from ‘Mary Poppins’ and drove her into the hearts of the world. The amount of guttural moaning that occurred during Captain von Trapp’s first entrance (in the sing-along version and probably at home) proved that Christopher Plumber in a uniform was all a girl truly needed... and seven children.

There are some things I am reminded of every time I see ‘The Sound of Music’, and they are things you forget beyond turning 17 or when you’re having confidence in yourself. Take out the songs and you would still have a wonderful story that would hold up against any film of the time or today. Allowing yourself to see beyond the campiness of a musical will allow you to see some truly spectacular cinematography; Salzburg has never looked so good! Let's not forget how hit and miss childhood acting can be, but the von Trapp children are perfect - and I challenge anyone not to “Awww” when Lisle hurts her finger.

‘The Sound of Music’ is an absolute crowd favourite. Being the 50th anniversary, the film has already been flooding our conscious already. Take Lady Gaga’s performance at this year's Academy Awards, or the soon to be mounted Australian production by Gordon Frost Organisation shows just how much it means (both in live performance and on screen) to people. Those who, while I worked where I did, came every year to get their habits on or wear their curtains as lederhosen or even a wedding dress and a long procession down the theatre during the wedding scene showed just how much they love ‘The Sound of Music.’ A movie that has irrevocably shaped the way the stage show is performed has firmly tattooed itself on our hearts and will (undoubtedly) for generations to come – I have confidence in that!

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