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By Brent Davidson
15th June 2014

Sweden. The country that gave us ABBA, Loreen and Sanna Neilse. A magical place of Europop dreams and Eurovision success. But who would have though the land of meatballs and Ikea would have a punk rock scene?

Welcome to the world of Bobo, Klara and Hedvig, three misfit girls with home haircuts who are addicted to punk music. While they might not fit into their school's social structure, they find each other (and themselves) when they form a band and start living out their passion - mainly to show everyone else that they are just as good and can.

This movie has everything going for it: a delightful script, wonderful acting and superb direction by Lukas Moodysson. Child acting is always a risky thing, but in these girls performances was wonderful, with all of them honest and hilarious in their roles. It was such a pick-me-up that no one left the cinema without a smile. Such youthful hope was expressed and innocence conveyed that you couldn’t help but want these girls to become full-fledged rock stars!


There isn’t too much that you can fault with ‘We Are The Best’, although If they had toned down the swearing (and the drinking) it could have been a great movie for younger teenagers to watch; the message was a fantastic one of unity, passion and acceptance and would have made a wonderful change from the regular drivel they are being forced to watch.

Distinctly Swedish, the film has a quirky sense of itself and has only endeared even further the country that has already given us so much. An instant classic up there with ‘Let The Right One In’ and ‘The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo’, ‘We Are The Best’ really does prove that punk's not dead!

RELEASE DATE: 18/09/2014
RUN TIME: 1h 42m
CAST: Mira Barkhammar
Mira Grosin
Liv Lemoyne
WRITER/DIRECTOR: Lukas Moodysson
PRODUCER: Lars Jönsson
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