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By Brent Davidson
28th October 2014

It's often hard to think of what our society would be like with compulsory military service. Having a lot of more artistically inclined friends, it's a wonder how we would get through the two years (let alone the first week). With two years service being compulsory in Israel, it is interesting to consider where we'd end up – no doubt like the characters of 'Zero Motivation', somewhere in the institutional bureaucracy.

When a staple gun is a holy relic, you know you’re in a strange work environment. Following the journey of three young female soldiers, who are in trapped in the clerical world of the Israeli Army. They struggle with their superiors, male soldiers and the tedium of their positions.


What sets ‘Zero Motivation’ apart from your run-of-the-mill "military service" films is that it is almost entirely about the female contingent. Not in a, look at how hard military life is for women sort of way, that might be produced by a male director, but in a more honest and realistic way - yes, this is the situation we are all in and this is what we must deal with.

The performances are all honest and humorous, there is nothing pretentious about this film at all; you can understand how dull life must be in the middle of the desert with only meat-head soldiers and other women in your situation. What is produced is a heartfelt insight into life under conscription and the effects of that military training on the impressions of the youth it moulds. Unnecessary jobs, strong female characters (and bonds between them) and an honest approach are what make 'Zero Motivation' much more than your stock-standard army movie.

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