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By Brent Davidson
25th April 2017

It’s no secret I enjoy a Marvel movie. Okay - enjoy isn’t really a strong enough word, but I’d rather not embarrass myself with anything more dramatic. They are entertaining, reliable and consistent. You know basically what to expect from the outset, and through out will be rewarded with extra bits, cameos and pop culture references that just make the experience all the better. So does the 'Awesome Mix Vol. 2' stack up to the first?

The Guardians are back, saving the universe again with their trademark brand of sass and cavalier attitudes. Seemingly picking up shortly after the first film, the Guardians are taking contracts and being pretty badass space mercenaries until they piss off the wrong hirer, landing them in hot water. Their escape leads them to meeting Star-Lord’s father, but everything is not quite what it seems.


Do we need an excuse to see another Chris Pratt film? If you’re like me, you even saw 'The Passengers' (because I’m some sort of monster). But the funny thing about 'GotG2' (as the cool kids say) is that although a main character, he isn’t as much of the focus or even the standout funniest character. This is definitely Drax’s movie - well Drax for the laughs and Baby Groot for the "Awws." Honestly, Baby Groot is the most adorable thing in the entire universe and I want one.

The ensemble they have assembled for this movie is of galactic proportions. Everyone is on the same level and of approximately the same calibre. it just makes it look like everyone was having an absolute ball making this film. It also looks as though being on set with Chris Pratt would be the most fun experience ever.

The ensemble they have assembled for this movie is of galactic proportions.

Okay, not to keep going on about him but there is one scene so gratuitous that it needs to be mentioned. For reasons that are far beyond my realm of understanding, after a big space battle Star-Lord decides to change his shirt. Because they have to justify Chris Pratt doing all that working out, right?

'Guardians' is one of the most enjoyable franchises in the Marvel Universe, and its second instalment gives us everything we want and more. It’s a fun ride that, while not living up to lofty heights of the first film, still gives us what we want. Full of action, groovy music and a whole lot of humour, 'Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2' is the intergalactic adventure we all expect. Oh, and Chris Pratt is in it too, in case I haven’t been clear.

RELEASE DATE: 25/04/2017
RUN TIME: 2h 17m
CAST: Chris Pratt
Zoe Saldana
Dave Bautista
Vin Diesel
Bradley Cooper
Elizabeth Debicki
Kurt Russell
Michael Rooker
Karen Gillan
Pom Klementieff
Kevin Feige
WRITER: James Dunn
PRODUCER: Kevin Feige
SCORE: Tyler Bates
By Jake Watt, 26 April 2017
‘Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2’ is James Gunn’s first Marvel film as the sole credited writer, not working from someone else’s first draft. What can we gather from the end product?

I don’t think Gunn had a fucking clue how to consolidate the elements audiences enjoyed from the first film in the sequel, so he just doubled down on everything, mistakes and successes alike.

Audiences went apeshit over that cute little dancing sapling Groot in his pot at the end of the first film, right? Then what better way to open the sequel than with an even cuter, more merchandise-friendly Baby Groot, with big baby seal eyes, grooving around for a few minutes to ELO’s “Mr Blue Sky”?

Other complaints? Lazy exposition, especially early on. Jokes taken way too far and the filmmakers explaining jokes to the audience even after telling them. Multiple instances of toilet-humour, and not cleverly done, either (Drax boasts about the size of his “turds” at one point, after Rocket threatens to hide one under Peter Quill’s pillow). Some strange line deliveries with emphasis in all the wrong places. The sprawling plot doesn’t hang together well, with several characters given little to do. James Gunn’s brother has an inexplicably large role. The film is way too long and filled with mawkishly sentimental, gloopy dialogue.

By Jess Fenton, 28 April 2017
Just when we thought Marvel’s global dominance couldn’t get any bigger, their content just keeps getting better. Having completely loved Volume 1 of ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’, my anticipation for Volume 2 was palpable and overwhelming. I knew I was going to to love it based simply on its existence alone, but over the course of two hours and 16 minutes I actually fell in love with it. It’s a non-stop laugh-fest. Drax, who was the most annoying member of the original, is now one of the most enjoyable. And the heart! Oh my god, the heart! This film is all about family - how you get one and who qualifies. I laughed. I cried. I laughed until I cried. The new characters are great and the old characters are even greater. ‘Guardians of the Galaxy Vo. 2’ is, in short, fantastic.
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